Club Penguin Field Op Mission 9 Cheats

he newest field op, Field Op Mission 9, was released today. To begin, go to the EPF headquarters for your briefing.

Field Op Mission 9 Cheats

Go to the Stadium and waddle over to the Cash Register. If there is a crowd of penguins, just walk towards the cash register, since you don’t necessarily have to click it.

Snack Stand Cash Register

You will be presented with the directions to solve this week’s puzzle. This is very similar to Field Op #6.

Puzzle Directions

Your goal is to match up the colors. Once you have completed 10 of them without messing up, you will gain another medal! In my opinion, this is one of the harder field ops since you have to focus on the puzzle without being distracted.


Congratulations! You have completed the newest Field Op mission and received a brand new medal!


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