Club Penguin Moderator Screenhog – Birthday Party

Club Penguin Moderator Screenhog visits Club Penguin for his birthday, he was online at the server North Pole, in his igloo at 12:00 PM PST. He was sending postcards at his igloo, and several other rooms unfortunately I didn’t receive one, but I met him! He went to the Hidden Lake, his igloo, Beacon, Dance Lounge, Dock, and Cove.

Here are some pictures of Screenhog. Here is his igloo on the open igloo list:

Screenhog Igloo List

Screenhog and I in his igloo:

Screenhog Igloo

Screenhog’s igloo with many other penguins:

Igloo with Penguins

Many of my friends were looking for Screenhog as well. I hope you had a chance to meet him!

Penguin Buddies

If you are doubting whether it was the real Screenhog or not, he tweeted the following tweet on his Twitter:

Screenhog Twitter

It’s awesome that I’ve seen Screenhog on Club Penguin in his igloo and several other rooms. Did you see him? Did you know it was his birthday today? Did you wish him a happy birthday? Leave a comment and let me know!


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