New Club Penguin Backpack and Lunch Bag

Club Penguin has recently launched two new items for you to buy one of them is a backpack and another is a lunch bag. You can only buy them in the UK unfortunately, they represent the orange puffle. Check it out:

Disney store UK is getting more popular and getting more products related to club penguin. They look pretty don’t you agree? if

New Club Penguin Orange & Black Trolley

Club Penguin have recently announced of a new merchandise item, it is a suitcase or trolley whatever you want to call it you can carry all your items in their if you go on holiday. This is what the suitcase looks like;

I like the colors of this don’t you? Leave as a comment and let us know if you like it also.

Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Fall Fair

As your aware Fall Fair is returning September 3rd. A lot of you penguins are excited and told Club Penguin how excited you are looking forward to earn prizes and more. Last week the Club Penguin Team asked what were looking foward to most

Moon Girl 1 said:

I’m really looking forward to see all of the puffles perform at the famous puffle circus! I have spent a lot of time last year watching all of the puffles perform, and I think I am ready to become a puffle trainer this year! I have been training my puffles in my igloo for a very long time now. I really can’t wait!

If you’ve noticed your stamp book has updated today and there is new stamps for Puffle Rescue, also you’ll see medals you’ve earned in the past for PSA missions. This week the Club Penguin have asked what stamp you’ve found most challenging so far, leave us a comment and let us know!

New Club Penguin Stamps

The start of this month Loki Terry mentioned that Club Penguin released Puffle Rescue stamps however a day later they was removed by Club Penguin, to see that post click here. Though now Club Penguin has added 51 brand new stamps to the possible stamps for you to get. There are 27 brand new Thin Ice stamps and 22 brand new mission stamps and 5 other stamps.

New Game Stamp

What do you think? Are you going to take your time to get the 32 new stamps (assuming that you’ve completed all the missions)? I’m too lazy to get all the new stamps, but I would still love to have them. If you are missing a lot of stamps just like I am, I suggest you check out my Club Penguin Stamp Cheats!

Club Penguin Field Op #12 Cheats

Club Penguin’s latest field op, Field Op #12, was released today. To begin, check your briefing in the EPF headquarters.

Field Op 12 Cheats

Now, go to Snow Fort and walk to the Clock Tower.

Clock Tower

Your spy phone will ring and you’ll be presented with the directions for the puzzle. This week’s puzzle is very similar to the one in Field Op #10.

Field Op 7 Puzzle